Shot blasting machine - roller shot (steel structure and h-beam)


Model QH698QH6912 QH6915 QH6918
The effective cleaning width(mm)800 1200 15001800
The size of feed inlet(mm) 1000x1500 1400x1700 1700x1700 2000x1800
The length of cleaning work -piece(mm)1200-12000 1200-13000 1500-13000 2000-13000
Cleaning work -piece size(mm) 800x1200 1200x1500 1500x1500 1800x1600
The quality of shot blasting(kg/min) 8x125 8x180 8x180 8x250
The first enclosed quantity(kg) 4000 5000 5000 6000
Total power (Except for dust cleaning)(kw)90130180180