wsc28 / wsc40 | low frequency ultrasonic cleaner


Combination of self-developed BLT and FM + AM oscillation realizes high performance efficiently. WSC28 and WSC40 is suitable for heavier contamination like greece or metal turnings or parings.

Featurelist1 “FM + AM” mode is hired for ultrasonic oscillation.FM = Frequency modulation, AM = Amplitude Modulation It realizes equable cleaning result to entire area.list1 Downsized generator is 1/3 of traditional type of generators.Electrical consumption is extremely improved.

FM+AM Oscillation mode
FM stands for Frequency Modulation that increase and decrease the ultrasonic frequency continuously and gradually. AM stands for Amplitude Modulation that the ultrasonic power increase and decrease continuously and gradually.

Adding these two modulation at the same time, it prevents standing wave and avoids erosion problem during the cleaning process and improves the equality of the cleaning result on the work. It also effective for the load change caused by cleaning work, cleaning media or its depth and so on.

Model No. WSC28 WSC40
Type Standard High-Power Standard High-Power
Oscillation mode FM+AM modulation
Maximum output
(average output)
600 W (200 W) 1200 W (400 W) 600 W (200 W) 1200 W (400 W)
Nominal oscillation frequency 28kHz 40kHz
Power input 200 – 230 VAC , 50/60 Hz
300 VA 600 VA 300 VA 600 VA
210 × 250 × 107
(including rubber feet)
Weight 3.6 kg

list1 I/O interface:  Remote function : Ultrasonic oscillation ON/OFF (contact input) Output function : Alarm output when error occurs (Relay contact output : Open when error occurs)list1 Variable output range : 0 to 100 %, continuously variablelist1 Ambient operating environment :
Temperature : 5 to 40℃
Humidity : 5 to 80 % (no condensation)list1 Power cable length : 3.5 mlist1 Options : I/O remote cable (5m), Transducer connecting terminal block

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