Ultrasonic Cleaning

For all types of molds such as plastics, rubber, and casting

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning System is the washing of production parts using immersion and an environmentally friendly chemical process, using a Transducer on a high frequency tank will cause millions of tiny “active bubbles”, helping chemicals to release dirt quickly, consistently and can reach hidden parts in in the tank.

Meanwhile, Ultrasonic Mold Cleaner is an effective cleaning machine that has a suitable design for all types of molds such as plastics, rubber, and casting. It is also suitable for ejector pins and mold accessories. This machine is very unique, because it uses ultrasonic and electro cleaning which means it can make the cleaning effect stronger in a relatively short time. With our special chemicals, the machine will also make all parts clean and shiny without any scratches or damage to the surface.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


Ultrasonic Mould Cleaner


Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer


WDX Series


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WD Series


WSC28 WSC40 Low frequency ultrasonic cleaning

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